September 29, 2023
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Casino Betting Systems

In An ideal world, we would all find an unfailing system to beat casinos at their game of roulette – unfortunately, there isn’t one!

Keep this in mind when playing roulette:

Each spin of the wheel is entirely random, and any given colour, such as red, may or may not come up on subsequent spins of the roulette wheel – whether or not red has come up repeatedly already (on a European wheel it would be 48.6% due to chance of landing on 0, or 47.3% if an American revolution contains both 0, as well as 0.

As opposed to card games where previously dealt cards can influence what comes next, each spin of a roulette wheel is wholly independent and unrelated to what happened before; any mathematical system that relies upon historical data must therefore be unreliable as history cannot predict future outcomes of roulette wheels spinning off again.

But there are ways in which you can increase your odds – at least sometimes. Remember to play roulette for its thrill, not as an investment strategy and only risk what you can afford to lose; I have yet to come across an honest Casino owner!

First and foremost, when possible, play on a European roulette wheel where the odds are more in your favour (the house advantage being 2.7% for European tables as opposed to 5.266% for American ones).

One effective strategy gamblers use to beat the wheel is the Martingale system, dating back centuries when people betted with coins flung across a table. A relatively straightforward strategy, when used carefully, can lead to short-term gains for gamblers.

This system relies on betting on something with equal chances – red or black, odd or even, high or low – each time and choosing the same bet every time; if it fails, double up on the stake. So, for instance, if betting red, you would start by selecting PS5, but should the ball land on black, then double that stake again with PS10 (if another loss ensues, then PS20 etc.) until eventually, your choice wins back all previous losses plus equivalent sum to your original bet of say PS5. When your colour comes up, all previous losses will have been recovered plus an equivalent win-back equivalent amount equalling your initial stake, which in this case would equal PS5.

Once a win occurs, your initial stake returns into play and can be reinvested for another round.

At first glance, this may appear foolproof, but there are two primary drawbacks. First, you may lose your bankroll before reaching a decision point – for example, if on a losing streak, your 9th bet of PS1 would need to be PS256 to keep going while starting from PS5 would require more bankroll; it is, therefore, imperative that when on an adverse streak that you know when and how to stop betting; I suggest you limit yourself to no more than 7 or 8 bets before accepting defeat as this should allow sufficient breathing room before accepting defeat!

Second, online casinos typically impose table limits you may reach before selecting the best option. With an estimated table limit of PS500 and starting by placing just five PS5 bets at PS5, if eight more were due, you would soon exceed this cap (PS5, PS10, PS20, PS40 80 160 320 640 and beyond – well past).

There are ways you can increase the probability of turning a profit.

Locate a casino that provides attractive deposits to first-time players; that way, the casino helps your bankroll by contributing directly.

Martingale works best over short periods; otherwise, you risk experiencing long and costly losing streaks. Once you experience some success using this system, switch up both tables and your bet: instead of betting red or black cards on red/black tables, switch it up by betting odd/even numbers.

Don’t play too long – a maximum of two hours should suffice. Use any initial deposit bonuses available by switching casinos when it comes time to resume playing; visit Finally, always ensure you’re using European tables, understand house table limits and review the terms & conditions of operators before betting more than what you can afford! Enjoy yourself!

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